About Tina

I'm a 28-year-old artist, web designer, mother and wife living in Cleveland, Ohio. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree, specializing in digital art, from Bowling Green State University, but the paper's not as important as the desire to create art. I can be a little irreverant about my training, but the time I spent at Bowling Green was invaluable. My work has been exhibited at ACM SIGGRAPH's 2001 and 2003 conferences, in Computer Art magazine, and in Inkblots Magazine. More photos both personal and art, are at my Flickr site.

I've been described as a hellion, strong-willed, stubborn, funny, loyal, and a number of things that are a little too blue to put on this page. In a different life I partied hard, drank like a fish, and cursed like a sailor. I still do a few of those things, but with more prudence. I have a fondness for black t-shirts and eyeliner, hairdye, jeans and workboots. I like to go barefoot when frostbite's not a threat.

There's a special place in my heart for broken things -- things that could be viewed as detritus. I call them beautiful. I have this thing about trees: I love them. I explore abandoned homes when I get the chance; there's something fascinating about the life left behind.

About this Website

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